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The Coal Heritage Trail

At the intersection past the coal miner statue, the trail turns right onto Rt. 83 (Slate Creek).Follow Rt 83 4.2 mi. to an intersection with Rt. 642(Elkins Branch). This road takes you over a mountain that has been mined and reclaimed. After 4.6 mi. you will reach an intersection. Take a left toward the small town of Roseanne on Rt. 651. The trail runs only .7 of a mile to another intersection where it takes a left onto Rt. 650 toward Homecreek. Follow Rt. 650 until it runs into Rt. 700. The road will go through the United Coal Co. tipple.

The trail then crosses the railroad tracks and a concrete bridge onto Rt. 460 at Big Rock, VA.At the end of the concrete bridge, take a left onto Rt. 460. You will travel 4.3 mi. along the Levisa River before reaching Weller Yard - the train yard for coal leaving Buchanan County.

The trail follows Rt. 460 to Harman Junction then turns right onto Rt. 609 toward the Breaks Interstate Park.

You will pass an abandoned coal loading station and an active mine on this road. The route continues 3.4 mi. before reaching the old Harman Mine site. The Harman Mine sign is the only remnant of the mine. The property now belongs to the Harman Baptist Church.

Continuing 5.7 mi. and passing several operating mines will bring you to the Breaks Village. At the intersection turn left onto Rt.768. In .3 of mile turn left to the Breaks Interstate Park, which is .8 of mile on the right.